Silence: The Power of No Words are More Than Power of Words

Sometimes you just wish you could pour your heart out or say that is on your mind and the next moment you realize, somethings are better unsaid, you keep your peace and maintain silence. Life is full with difficult choices, we do things because at that point in time, that seem to be the best thing to do. Although, you don’t see the point in doing things you are doing, at that point. However, time and  situation requires you to take the particular action.

As you grow older, privacy becomes one of the major requirements in your life. It is solely up to you, till which extent you want to go  public with your life. Either to use a tool like social media to expose your life or keeping things in private of letting the world who barely cares about you, know what you are upto. It is totally up to you, because you are incharge of your life and you can say “NO”, if you actually do not want to participate in something. A preacher once said, ” when you speak, you only talk about what you know, but when you listen, you learn.” Hence, it is clear that you can learn from somebody, and that somebody can be a stranger as well.

Patience and communication are the major factors of a healthy relationship. Moreover,  sometimes the best remedy is to keep your thoughts to yourself, because not always, people are listening to your point of view. People sometimes, only hear you and not actually listen to you. For a person who has opinion about everything and is very aggressive to be quiet might sound extremely difficult. However, to value love more than your ego is the keeper. To this person, if you do not become patient and provoke him, he might just erupt like a volcano and destroy the whole civilization with him. So, keep the keeper and never ever take things for granted. Always keep time for each other and love unconditionally, no matter how much you hate him  at that point of the time , be patient with them as they are patient with you when you were aggressive. After all, everything in this world is give and take and you reap what you sow.

Temptations that might come along the way specially when you feel you have been taken for granted, insulted and never been appreciated. Although, the materialistic things or people you meet along the way show you things differently, these temptations might start to grow, you should never forget, marriage is a foundation, based on trust and respect. When the foundation becomes weak, things start to fall apart and right in front of your eyes, all the things you built together, will no longer serve the whole purpose of being with someone and the bits and pieces will scatter like the broken pieces of mirror. It might take your whole life, thereafter, or not even a lifetime would be enough to put it back together. Then, there would never be whole you, its a scattered pieces of you heart. From a healthy foundation it becomes pieces of broken scattered grasses you could never put back together. and if you try you will cut yourself. and it will never be the same again like it was before. A whole reflection of you, it will only be scrap that could never be a hold together.

Once you take a vow, to be with the person, keep the vow, it is after all in sickness and in health, in high and poor, till death do you apart. Love is beautiful and marriage is a foundation. Once these combine, realize, you will sow love because you had reaped love.


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