Global Village: When so many countries comes together, Only in Dubai, Emirates

Have you seen all parts of the world in one place? Perhaps, the beautiful and the most popular, Eiffel tower, the Colosseum of Rome, and the heritage of different parts of the world gathered at one location? If you are interested then look no further, Dubai has it all at the “Global Village”.

From the food of Iran to the entertainment of Africa, the melodious songs of Saudi and dance from Nepal. One stop for purchasing the goods from China, India, Pakistan and parts of the world. Global village has it all, from the food, entertainment, shopping and for the adrenal junkie, there is the best free-fall and other sports. If you had always interest in archery, but never had a chance to try it, you can shoot the arrow at global village.

The stunning place in the heart of the city Dubai, Global village is operational during the chilly and cold months in the emirates. Covered in the a big area, the name says itself, where the small village is put together to make it global. The shows are absolutely amazing from each country and culture. Dubai is not just a hub for businesses, import and exports. If you want to experience diversity, once in your life time visit Dubai and if the time favors, live in the city. This city will be your home and you will not even think you would live there for as long as you lived there.

Most of the expats in the emirates, before moving to the country always plan to live here for less than 2 years. However, the country has so much to offer, lifestyle, food from all over the world and experience from all over the world, high class people, world class education, you will absolutely love the place. May be, that’s what happens to our expats friend. They love every bit of the city and things it has to offer.

Global village is one of the places where you not only meet locals hanging out, but also people from all over the place hanging out and trying different food and meeting different people. The fun filled entertainment and all the shopping from all parts of the world in a very reasonable prices.


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