Mesmerizing Jabal Jais Mountain, RAK City

The travel journey continued, with some planned trips sometimes and other times it was just spontaneous trips to the hill of the Emirates. Going to Hatta was a different kind of a feeling and seeing those mountains are talking out loud, asking to embrace them and the layers of natural stones piled against one another, perhaps, resulting in a mountains. The mountains where tourists loved hiking, camping, cycling and going for a picnic.

A few kilometers away from the loud city of Duabi, lies a small town of Ras Al Khaimah(RAK) lies. With the population of only 97,529, this town is one the peaceful places in the world. RAK city has the most beautiful mountain Jabal Jais, that has become a beautiful destination for tourists, hikers and campers.  This mountain lies in the Hajjar mountain range with an elevation of 1,934 m (6,345 ft). This mountain is considered as the highest peak of the Emirates.

The driving to the top of the mountain is adventurous and a great driving direction. Once you reach the top of the mountain you see the clouds moving towards yourself. The view from the peak will leave you breathless. Tourist from not only all of the Emirates enjoy this adventurous trip but also from all over the world have great time sipping the hot coffee served on the truck shop that is available by the camping site. People are spotted with their friends and family for a picnic, taking a selfie with the road in the background for their social  media posts.

The best part about this  visit is about an hour drive before you reach the mountain, people hand you a plastic trash bag to keep the mountain area clean. What an amazing initiative from the government to keep the natural area clean! I was amazing not only with the drive, mountain, the view, camping followed by a little hike but also by the action taken by the government to keep the place clean.

This is by far one of the best trips I have taken and possibly for you also, for a little gateway.


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