My Next Goal: Series of hit and trial to find the passion

New year started with all the charm it could have probably brought to our lives. New year, new resolutions, new me and everything with a fresh start. We set up some achievable goals where as some becomes just goals that we work for couple of days. We push ourselves to become a bigger and better version of ourselves. Whereas, sometimes we get caught up with life and forget our priorities. In these back and forth in life, we do not forget to live and become who we want to be.

I had decided to learn something new or do something different every month and work on that for a least a month, if it interests me, I would continue, if it does not then I will keep it on the side and move forward.

This month, I have decided to start with a little bit of farming at home. As I work for the organic food based company at the moment, it has brought a different perspective in my food choices and health choices. I want to go and advocate about living healthy and choosing healthier food vs. all the junk food we choose as a part of our meal. Living in the UAE has its own perk, we get everything here, including the healthier food and organic food.

Until last year, not many people were aware about healthy food choices, however, in 2018 most people are choosing healthier lifestyle and that includes organic food. I believe, more and more people are becoming aware about what goes inside their system. After all the concept of ” We become what we eat” did brighten up in the city of Dubai and all of the emirates. Life changes as we get older, we continue with some of the things and we leave some behind us.

The more we learn about new stuffs more we earn the knowledge of the thing. Lets set a goal that is achievable and lets do more and be more with the life we live once.


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